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Patios ~ Walkways ~ Stone Walls

Summer 2024  Our team specializes in naturalistic landscape improvements , custom hardscape installation & grounds beautification. We and are now scheduling drainage / grading solutions.

 Tree / shrub pruning & much more!

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A solid surface patio, walkway or driveway adds value and beauty to any landscape.  Pavers, brick, granite and concrete extend your outdoor living season by providing a durable and carefree surface for dining relaxing and playing.

Add the soothing sounds of water to your landscape to attract a wide variety of birds and enable you to enjoy aquatic plantings.  A water feature gives your garden and landscaping a stunning focal point. A beautiful and functional surround for your pool adds safety and value.

A sloped landscape is enhanced by the use of staircases and walls.  Walls can also provide privacy or a backdrop to a beautiful garden space or contemporary landscape.

A finished drive enhances your overall landscape. Choose stone, brick, cobbles or hard surface bordered with an apron.

Organic and Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Organic Landscaping for a beautiful lawn while protecting the earth for today and tomorrow

Sustainable Organic, or Green Landscaping, is a method of designing and maintaining yards, gardens and landscapes that reduces harm to the environment, provides healthier places to work, live, and play, and saves time and money by offering reduced maintenance.

Sustainable Organic landscaping means healthy landscaping for you, your neighbors, your pets and the environment.
At P.K. Landscaping. our landscape design work is driven by sustainable practices so that with every project we are able to create environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically feasible landscapes. To accomplish this, we evaluate the ecology of every site, suggest locally sourced materials and extend the useful life of materials through reuse and recycling.

Locally Sourced Materials Selection

We also encourage the use of  new paving materials that have low embodied energy, Recycled pavers, locally quarried natural stone, and salvaged materials are all great examples of hardscape materials with low embodied energy.

Our plant material is sourced from local growers and we incorporate native plants in our designs to produce a result that is not only beautiful but also well-suited and adapted to our climate without causing harm to the environment.

P.K. Landscaping establishes and maintains beautiful, lush lawns without the use of dangerous chemicals, year after year.

Organic Lawn Care Program

We realize each lawn is unique. P.K. Landscaping will help you customize an organic lawn care program that suits you and your property specifically. We take into consideration your lawn needs, goals and budget to craft a plan that is as sure to satisfy the ecology of your space as it is to satisfy your pocketbook. Although you will certainly enjoy quick results from our organic treatments, it is important to understand that organic lawn care is a process, not a product. Over time, your soil condition is greatly improved, allowing for reduced weed production and increased dense, durable turf. You will enjoy better weed suppression, improved drought tolerance, and increased disease resistance. Organic lawn care only gets better with age!


Early Spring: organic treatment to break dormancy and suppress weed germination.


Spring: premium organic nutrition foliar application for excellent color, density, and root development.


Late-Spring: slow-release feeding to encourage summer turf health and vigor.


Early Fall: nutrition-packed organic fertilizer assists in root development, fall color, and turf density.


Winter: nutrition blend for an early burst of spring color and weed suppression.

New Lawns and Rejuvenated Lawns

We offer a variety of seeding service options to most efficiently and effectively promote seed germination to reestablish your turf:

Over Seeding plus Organic Seed Starter:

Over seeding involves broadcast spreading of grass seed on an established turf. Even healthy lawns need to be over seeded periodically to ensure a thick turf-- dense grass is the best natural defense against weeds.

Lawn repair involves a variety of lawn seeding services -- from spot seeding bare patches in an otherwise established lawn, to replacing damaged are due to construction or tree removal with patches of sod. Because lawn repair service is specific to an individual property, cost can vary and pricing is usually determined on a time-and-material basis.

Turf Renovation and Sod Installation includes turf renovation, P.K. Landscaping's local choice sod, and soil preparation for sod installation.

What We

Can Do

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Aeration & De-Thatching

Organic Fertilizing 

Hedge & Shrub Pruning

Seed & Sod Lawn Installed

Loam, Mulch, Stone, & Compost

Complete Lawn Service

Planting & Trees

Synthetic Turf




What We

Can Do

Grading & Drainage

Backhoe & Bobcat

Landscape Masonry

Walkways & Steps

Retaining Walls

Patios & Driveways

Exterior Demolition

Water Features

Concrete -Poured Walls, Slabs, Forms & Flat-Work

Hardscape - Stone Veneer, Stucco, Granite, Pavers/Brick, Natural Stone

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